Pelletier & Jaminet : die cuts for “dry” labels Die cuts adapted to your needs 3 Days from order to deliver
Pelletier & Jaminet
5 assets for your die cuts
Die cut performances : 
Due to their high precision and quality our dies are able to produce cuts needing 200 milions cuttings before resharpening with a speeed of more than 1 million labels per hour. 

Rapidity of our services
We warrant a very quick service : 3 days to manufacture our tools, 24h for shapening. We can repair very quickly your tools if required.We can help you to choose the right quality of the dies to fit the job.

Thanks to their exactness, our die cuts can cut out up to 220 millions labels and reach a cadence of more than 1 million labels cut per hour.

Pelletier et Jaminet is an independant family owned company highly specialised to manufacture "dry" labels for printers.

We propose very competitive prices. Ask for a quotation now!

Pelletier & Jaminet
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