Pelletier & Jaminet : die cuts for “dry” labels Die cuts adapted to your needs 3 Days from order to deliver
PELLETIER & JAMINET  Cut more and faster...
Our specialization allows you to take advantage of the exactness of our tools: you can work faster in security : we remain at your disposal for giving the best advise in order to optimize the following up and the sharpening of your tools.

Tools in Tungsten Carbide 
for cutting 1 million labels per hour

Multiple cuttings tools
Die cuts adapted to your needs: until 220 million labels
Tools type
Number of label cut
Typical application 
1 000 000
Wine bottle labels
8 000 000
Plastic cards
20 000 000
Plastic labels 
Tungsten Carbide
220 000 000
Contact us for a tool adapted to your needs
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